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Run Swim Run Swim

Alisha prepares for run 2

On Wednesday (intermediate) and Thursday (beginners) evening the Embark athletes completed their 30min run/600m swim/20min run/900m swim. A large brick session with two transitions! The aim of this session is to get used to the ‘running out of the swim’ and to  transition for the bike leg. You can feel quite disorientated and dizzy when you finish the swim and immediately have to run towards transition. Hopefully this session has given the athletes the experience they need to […]

Our first transition practice

STeve during swim to bike demo

Today we met at the Sea Point pavilion pools to practice our transitions. It’s the most beautiful setting, right on the beachfront, lapped up by the Atlantic Ocean and boasting a 50m outdoor pool. The weather once again, superb! After going through the correct racking procedure and equipment set up, STeve did a quick demo of the swim to bike (T1) and the bike to run (T2) transitions. It was then the athletes turn to practice. […]