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Block 2, Time Trial Week: 6km Run

After 3 more weeks of progressive training, the athletes take their rest week and do their time trials. Today we completed the 6km time trial. Its excellent to see the progress the Embark athletes are making. See the documsnt below to see the progression. Next up is the 1km swim time trial and on Saturday we do our bike 40km time trial.        

Big Brick: ride 3h run 20mins

Rob transforms from cyclist to runner

It had to happen sooner or later, and today it happened! Even with a late change in start time, we moved the ride from 8am to 7am, but unfortunately half way through the ride heavens opened as we got caught in the rain and wind. But well done to all the riders for sticking it out and still completing the run after the bike. Beginning of the year we had atrocious conditions for our 70.3 half […]

Block 1 time trials for Embark 70.3 athletes

Once a month all the athletes will do a time trial for swim/bike/run. Here is the latest correlation of the results of the 1km swim time trial, 40km bike and 6km run from the first month. All the individual time trial sessions have been posted, so you can see pics and routes etc of the discipline’s time trial. We will be repeating these time trials every month in our rest week. Keep an eye on […]