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Platterklip Gorge for serious leg strength!

In between a rain storm, heavy winds and very cold temperatures, (where is summer!!) the ‘hardend’ Embark triathletes managed to summit Platterklip Gorge today. Its a tough lunge-climb all the way to the top, but the waterfalls along the way and view at the top is well worth it. And best of  all, by doing this, it means we dont have to run hills this week! We were back just before dark, and narowly missed the second rain […]

Big Brick: ride 3h run 20mins

Rob transforms from cyclist to runner

It had to happen sooner or later, and today it happened! Even with a late change in start time, we moved the ride from 8am to 7am, but unfortunately half way through the ride heavens opened as we got caught in the rain and wind. But well done to all the riders for sticking it out and still completing the run after the bike. Beginning of the year we had atrocious conditions for our 70.3 half […]

Tri Boot Camp in the SUN!!!

the reverse group lunge

The mornings are at last getting light earlier. Not quite light enough yet to swim or ride outdoors at 6am, but within a couple of weeks we envisage being able to start. This mornings boot camp was lots of hard work and fun! The athletes are getting very strong very quickly. In fact so strong that 1 minute of plank is now frowned upon! It must be 2 minutes at least, or thats what STeve […]

Run Swim Run Swim

Alisha prepares for run 2

On Wednesday (intermediate) and Thursday (beginners) evening the Embark athletes completed their 30min run/600m swim/20min run/900m swim. A large brick session with two transitions! The aim of this session is to get used to the ‘running out of the swim’ and to  transition for the bike leg. You can feel quite disorientated and dizzy when you finish the swim and immediately have to run towards transition. Hopefully this session has given the athletes the experience they need to […]

Block 1 time trials for Embark 70.3 athletes

Once a month all the athletes will do a time trial for swim/bike/run. Here is the latest correlation of the results of the 1km swim time trial, 40km bike and 6km run from the first month. All the individual time trial sessions have been posted, so you can see pics and routes etc of the discipline’s time trial. We will be repeating these time trials every month in our rest week. Keep an eye on […]

Sunday 11th September ride

Hilda and Stephen C at Chapmans look out

Today we rode our second long ride of 3 hours. Its really amazing to see how the Embark athletes have improved over the last 6 weeks of consistant riding. They were all shouting for MORE!! The ride duration will increase from phase to phase. Next Sunday is our brick session of 3h ride and 20 minute run. Its very important for the athletes to get conditioned to running off the bike.

Steps, beach, hills… Tuesday night’s run!

Gareth and Alisha on Camps Bay

After our warm up, plyometrics and core on the field, we headed out of La Med for a mix of stairs, beach, hills, stairs, down hills, beach, and then some uphills! A big group turned out on a beautiful sunny evening, spring has certainly sprung. The session was 40 minutes of running, including strength work comprising of beach running and stairs (both up and down). The session ended with 3 laps cool down on the field. The […]

Our first transition practice

STeve during swim to bike demo

Today we met at the Sea Point pavilion pools to practice our transitions. It’s the most beautiful setting, right on the beachfront, lapped up by the Atlantic Ocean and boasting a 50m outdoor pool. The weather once again, superb! After going through the correct racking procedure and equipment set up, STeve did a quick demo of the swim to bike (T1) and the bike to run (T2) transitions. It was then the athletes turn to practice. […]