Embark’s affiliated Nutritionist: Andrea Jenkins

Andrea Jenkins is a nutritional therapist, trained in the UK at the internationally recognized Patrick Holford Institute of Optimum Nutrition.  She is a recognized member of SAANT.

After completion of a Bachelor of Commerce degree, Andrea left for London and became actively involved with the health industry.  Whilst studying her 3 year diploma in Nutrition, she assisted in the development and running of Wholefood stores in central London.  Her consulting practice began in London and extended to Thailand where she consulted, wrote and researched further.

Since back in South Africa, Andrea has been managing the highly successful Organic Living health and lifestyle centre, Constantia Village. She currently practices from Wynberg village and Zetlers pharmacy, Garden centre.

Her comprehensive training in the work of Patrick Holford covered all aspects of nutrition and health issues.  She has followed her own direction since her training to incorporate aspects of Blood type diets, Macrobiotics and naturopathy.  Her particular interest and passion is in live food nutrition.  She believes very strongly in the use of natural foods, medicinal herbs and food based  supplements/superfoods eg: greens powders, nutritional oils in her protocol.These are powerful tools, which when revealed &   understood, have enormous potential in enabling the individual to achieve a unique sense of wellbeing & energy.

If you would like to contact Andrea for a consultation or for meal plans, please get in touch with us through the contact page, or the tab on the right of this page.

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