Ironman70.3 Durban Coached Group Training

The Training: Starts 3rd May 2015 (Ironman 70.3 Durban coached group training)
The Cost: R675 per month
(excludes race entrance fee)
The Locations: Cape Town, Northern Suburbs, Blouberg, Somerset West, Southern Suburbs and Johannesburg (North and East)
The Race: Sunday 2nd August 2015 (1.9km sea swim/90km bike/21.1km run)

If you are considering entering Ironman 70.3 Durban in August 2015, or have already done so, then now’s the time to start think about training for it. If you are currently swimming a kilometre nonstop, riding 50kms on the road and running 8-10kms, then you are at the level that Embark requires to begin with the group training in August. If you are not currently at this level and require some help and motivation to get there, then get in contact with us and join the existing group that is currently on the build up program.

Where is the training
We have 6 branches for the 70.3 training. Northern Suburbs, Atlantic Seaboard, Blouberg, Somerset West, Southern Suburbs and Johannesburg. You can join any program and train at the venue that suits you, no worries about chopping and changing.  We try to follow the same structure as closely as possible.


How the training works
Embark has been set up to guide first timers through the process of completing a triathlon, although we now offer intermediate and advanced training for experienced athletes. The 70.3 program has been going for 5 years now and we are fairly confident to say that we will get you that required medal.  Embark runs all year round, but from Feb we focus particularly on 70.3 Durban. We require a certain level (see below) to register for the 70.3 program.  Even if you have completed the distance before, the coaching and group sessions that Embark offers will prove invaluable to your overall experience.

For the first 2 months (May & June) Embark offers a coached swim session, run session, bike session and a boot camp session. From July we substitute the boot camp session with an open water swim.  Each week you receive a program. This program prescribes the sessions for the week, and outlines both the individual sessions and the group sessions.  The advantage of group training is that it keeps motivation levels up and aids in healthy competition for progression. As the sessions are coached, there is always a coach available to ask questions and answer queries. The journey for the 70.3 Half Ironman medal or PB is only experienced through the social training and hard work that a group training program like Embark can offer.


You can attend as many of the coaching sessions as you please, or you can just follow the program on a weekly basis. All the sessions that we do are prescribed in the program. We just recommend that you attend the sessions so that the coaches can keep an eye on your progression and fix any incorrect technique or form before it becomes a  problem.

The benefits of group training with Embark

  1. Keeps motivation levels up and aids in healthy competition for progression.
  2. As the sessions are coached, there is always a coach available to ask questions and answer queries
  3. Safer training in the groups than on your own. This means that we get routine into our training, and with routine comes progression!
  4. You will always find someone in the group to challenge you. You might be better in the water, but there may be someone stronger on the bike for you to chase!


During the months leading up to the race, we will complete single discipline races to get us prepared for the distances. For example 10km, 15km and half marathon running races, 60km-80km-100km PPA road cycling races, and sea (cape town) and dam swims. We will also train the disciplines together, back to back ie: brick sessions. You will become experienced athletes, capable of tackling the Argus Cycle Tour or 94.7, the 2 oceans, the Midmar or Clifton Mile swims and many more races that just seem out your reach.



We get nutritional experts in to give us guidance about training and preparing for race day, and we assist in correct equipment choice for the race. Although Embark takes utmost care in injury prevention, should you get injured, we are aligned with professional biokineticists, physio-therapists and leading sports practitioners in order to recommend the best in the industry.



Interested? Should you wish to find out more about the Embark 70.3 training, or any of our programs,  please contact us.

Ironman 70.3 event

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