AfricanX Training 2014

On 4th December 2013, Embark starts training for The AfricanX Trail Run. The race is on 14th, 15th and 16th March, at the new venue, Houw Hoek Inn.  It consists of a 3 day multi stage trail run. Day 1, 30km- Day 2, 35km and Day 3, 30km.

The Pronutro AfricanX is a multi stage 3 day endurance event! So that means lots and lots of running leading up to the event. With this increase of running it also leads to possible injuries, so this is where the Embark program comes into play. We will balance the running with cross training, strength work and gym work on a weekly basis. As a lot of our running will be off road, the groups will be necessary for safety on the trails. As you will be running with a partner on race day, it’s very important to train with your partner. You will need to learn each other’s weaknesses and strengths. We will be doing all the relevant training for the stages, including running parts of the stages!

How will the training work:
You will receive a weekly program that includes running as a group and running with your partner or on your own. We will try to facilitate as many runs as possible, and link up with other groups where possible too.

The program is broken down into building phases of training. The miles increase for 3 weeks and then we recover, and then back in to building for 3 weeks until recovery again. We will keep the training fun but challenging. We will explore Cape Town along all the dusty trails.

You should, at this stage be able to run 30kms a week, and be doing either hill or speed work once a week.

Contact us for further information regarding the Embark African X training program.

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