70.3 Half Ironman

On 1st August 2012 Embark starts with training for Ironman 70.3. The race is on 23rd Jan 2012 and consists of a 1.9km sea swim, a 90km bike and a 21.1km run.

Embark facilitates group training sessions for all the disciplines on a weekly basis. You will receive a weekly personalised program to work through during the rest of the week. During the 5 months leading up to the race you will learn everything that will be required of you on race day. You will be challenged during the training in a fun and focused way.

70.3 is a very achievable goal and by following the Embark program you will gain all the necessary skills in a safe and controlled environment. We will assist you in correct equipment choice, nutrition, race and training gear, accessories and more. There is always a coach on hand to assist, support and listen!

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