Knysna Half Marathon Training

Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival is here!

Well, 12 weeks is OVER now and we are all a little more prepared from following the 12 weeks program. We have built our base up gradually, combined strength with this and a little speed too. Boot camp was a great all over body work out. We are very impressed as EVERY single session was done in the dark, a lot of it cold, and occasionally rainy, and realistically this is not great for motivation. But […]

3 weeks to Knysna Half Marathon!

With just 3 weeks to go until the Knysna Half Marathon, the athletes are racking up the miles in pursiut of their PB’s. We are completeing the last 2 weeks of high mileage now, and then its some taper time and rest until the big day. We are seeing some enourmous improvement in a lot of the the runners, and confidence is high for all the beginners that are attempting thier first half marathon. On […]

Half marathoners up to 1h30 running…

On Saturday morning we met at the base of Chapmans Peak for our weekly long group run. The weather was slightly over cast, making it perfect for running. The aim was 1h30, so we set off up Chapmans Peak and got to the top quicker than expected! It was even quicker down, and so we ran onto the beach to complete the full 1h30. Well down to everyone for hitting this running time. We are […]

More miles, more smiles, albeit in the dark!

Both the Team Triaction marathon girls and the Knysna half  marathon group are racking up the miles in pursuit of their goals at the Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival in July. We have to say really well done to every athlete at this stage, as most of the training is done in the pitch dark! Our track session is dark after our plyometrics and warm up, the hills are at 6am in the pitch dark, and the Friday […]

6 weeks to go until Knysna Half Marathon!

We are now into the 6th week of our 12 weeks training for Knysna Half Marathon. Its great to see the improvement in the athletes, especially in regards to their strength in uphill running. We have one more week until we start our speed work on the track, and this gives us 6 weeks of speed work leading up to the half marathon. Our long run is now up to 1h15 mins, and this week […]

Well on the way to Knysna!

We are into week 3 of 12 now, and the Knysna Half Marathon runners are fully into the training. Over the last two weeks we have done hill climbs and repeats, long easy runs, strength work and social runs. Most of the runners are turning up to the sessions which is a great sign of commitment from them. Unfortunately the predicted 83% chance of rain this morning was correct, and we had to cancel the […]

Knysna Half Marathon group training Week 1 done!

Week 1 of 12 is done!! We had our intro on Monday night and a very easy run. We went through the program and whats expected for the next 12 weeks. We did our first group run on Tuesday evening in Camps Bay and on Thursday we did the hills of Tafelberg road. It was still dark when we started!! On Friday we did our first boot camp for strength! Lots of fun and lots […]

12 Week Knysna Half Marathon Training Program

On Monday 16th April, Embark begins its preparation for the Knysna Half Marathon. Embark is running a 12 week coached group training program aimed at getting runners into their best shape for the race. Embark facilitates 3 focused group training sessions per week, including a a strength building boot-camp on a Friday morning. You will receive a program each week outlining the weeks training and additional sessions to be completed by you on your own. The […]