Our first triathlon for beginners, less than a week away…

12742123_10153463450516705_5805203994193308147_n14 weeks ago we started with our beginner’s triathlon training group. Our aim was to train the beginners for their first triathlon, the Discovery Cape Town Triathlon, which will happen next weekend, 24th April. There was no level expected to join, in fact; the more unfit the better! We got beginners who thought it was impossible, but over the weeks and months, this dream is becoming a reality as they head towards completing their first triathlon. The progression is IMMENSE, and incredibly rewarding for the coaches. There are MASSIVE changes in attitudes, routine, fitness and most important, healthy lifestyle.

They have trained for the swim in pools and open water. Trained for the bike on flat roads and hills. And trained for the running conquering hills, speed work and long slow run! Transitions practices is the icing on the cake and now we are ready!

We wish our beginner the best of luck as they attempt the first (of many) triathlons.


Here are some of their experiences:


I wanted to do a triathlon for a long time but never had the discipline to train properly. A friend of mine told me about Embark and I thought that enrolling in coached group training would help me to stick to a training routine. Since I am still relatively new in town I also wanted to get to meet new people who enjoy similar types of sport. Embark ticked all the boxes for me. It’s affordable, fun and I think I never was that fit.




Most importantly for me is the group environment. Although it is important to remember that there is ABSOLUTELY NO POINT in comparing your progress / level of fitness with anyone else – it was always good to know that you are in this together. New friends are made – the social group on whatsapp always bringing a smile to your face… and then the GUILT on a Saturday morning when the urge to hit snooze is trumped by the pings on your phone reminding you of people that are driving 30min and more to get to a training session that is around the corner from your house. The group setup has less to do with the physical training and more with the mental / emotional motivation just to pitch.



There is sufficient guidance to enable one to notice improvements weekly.  People are very willing to share their knowledge, be it coaches or fellow trainees as there are many that are seasoned participants in at least one of the three disciplines that make up a triathlon.


The Embark Trainers and support groups are absolutely amazing.  From keeping all Embarkies focused on the detailed (but achievable training programme), they allow you to practically build up your confidence. Embark has gone beyond expectations, in taking a very average Embarkie on and turning me into a determined and focused individual.  The “insecure” moments and days, are balanced with positive feedback from Embark Coaches (Jonny in particular), which allows one to carry on with the journey.


10626502_10156466473025411_2118808179216591327_nChristo Coetzee

I joined the Beginners Embark team and was welcomed with a real sense of family love. What a great bunch of people who I must admit have inspired me to get my head in the game. The coaches have really taught me how to take ownership of my training. The coaches have been able to impart their knowledge and enthusiastic spirit for life in to all of us and that has really allowed my mind and body to follow the goal that the coaches believe, everybody has potential.






The coaches have invested a lot of time and effort into my development and even took time outside of training sessions to offer training. They are so passionate about this sport and it rubs off on all those they train. This program has also been an opportunity for me to meet new people. We have really bonded well as a team and training together means we encourage each other every step of the way. This is so important and has helped me a lot, especially when I was not keen to get up at 6am.


In 2015 I signed up for the Embark Beginners with a goal to be more swimming focused and to pursuit a 3 year dream. Embark was amazing with their weekly group training and I suddenly had so many new friends. The coaches really made a lot of time and effort to help me became the best I could be. This year I joined them again for preparation for my 1st triathlon. I nailed Langebaan, was my best day ever! I feel ready and confident for the ITU race. Thanks Embark


Joining Embark has been one of the most awesome experiences of my life. Ive always been involved in some kind of sport or fitness in my life (on my own terms) but struggled to stick to things and longed for the guidance and expertise of others.

Joining Embark i have met some amazing like minded people, known motivation and encouragement like never before- when the going gets tough and after a long day, its so easy to want to stay on the couch- but knowing there is a coach, other team members and a specially designed programme waiting for me, is huge motivation and ive seen a huge improvement in my overall ability to remain consistent. Ive enjoyed the gradual building of endurance and strength etc. although i started with a basic fitness level, i have seen a huge improvement in my overall fitness levels and in my mind game. Its taught me that anyone can indeed overcome the greatest of obstacles and find the athlete in themselves.


The attitude of coaches and fellow Embarkies is fantastic. We’re all in this together and newcomers are made to feel welcome no matter what their proficiency.







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