The growth of Embark Tri in the Northern Suburbs…

Two seasons down and the Embark crew in the Northern Suburbs are going from strength to strength, all thanks to Super-Dave Sullivan and his fantastic athletes!

This is Daves recollections from the past 2 years:

In 2012 when I decided to start Embark Northern Suburbs, the excitement I felt at having 11 athletes sign up was un-containable! 6 of them went to 70.3 where 5 finished.

Come 2013 and like anyone would, I expected a little growth… Grow it did but a little it was not! 54 athletes signed up and all except 1 of them had an entry to 70.3! Plans needed to amended, facilities needed to be secured, more time needed to be dedicated!

An amazing 6 month journey of only highs culminated in 49 of my 50 athletes finishing the Half Ironman in 2014. I had the privilege of seeing every single one of them finish (except the boys who kicked my butt of course) and the emotions poured out of all in long hugs in the finish chute!

There were no individuals in this group, only a collective (mostly Afrikaans – I am fluent now) more focussed on the enjoyment and camaraderie, rather than the final result! That’s not to mean they didn’t train their butts off! There was much swearing and cursing but unfortunately, I couldn’t make anyone vomit this season!

The Northern Suburbs are now littered with Embarkers and I can’t seem to have a coffee in the gym anymore without hearing a ‘COACH!’… That’s not a complaint of course, it’s just that they never pay for my coffee!

A huge thanks to Rebecca and Leigh at GU, Carol at Wintergreen and Kate at Race Food for teaching my group about nutrition and injury management

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