Jail Break Triathlon race guide…

Collection: You must collect or arrange to have your jailbreak bucket collected. There is no registration on race day whatsoever. Make sure that you get your race day swim cap in your bucket and that it gets packed.
Race Day: Allow plenty of time to get to Brandvlei and remember that mini entrants need to be racked before the maxi entrants start – so there is often a queue to rack.
Buckets: Jailbreak gives you a bucket for all your tri kit – the catch is that you use this on race day – you check in your bucket when you go into transition (the lid must close) and as you run into transition into T1, you shout out your number to volunteers who hand you your bucket.There is a prize for the best decorated bucket every year so go all out – this also helps identify your bucket from the 300 other ones all piled up.
Nutrition: No matter how amazing the article in the latest triathlon mag was, do not try new supplements/clothing/tech on race day. Use what you have trained with.
The Swim: Traditionally one continuous loop around the dam, you will get an opportunity to see the route when the maxi entrants go off first.
T1: There is a bit of a run up a hill into T1 (don’t run at it like Rocky, you will probably fall), you shout out your number to the volunteers at transition, grab your bucket and run to your bike to change.
The Bike: The mount line is at the mini petrol pump and then you climb the hill out of the prison grounds towards Rawsonville. There are a few turnarounds on the bike and there is often a headwind at certain points. There is one long glorious hill decent about 70% of the way – you will see riders going very slowly up the other side and looking very tired – try not to smile, that will soon be you.
T2: You dismount near to the transition entrance and grab your run stuff, running out into the prison grounds.
The Run: In the past the run has been hot… well… HOT actually. It’s almost all on tar and winds its way around alot of the staff housing. There are a few water points but they often only have water (i.e. last year there was no coke for the mini entrants) and Gu – so check out what will be supplied this year and carry what you know you will need. The Maxi entrants do multiple run loops while the mini is only two – pay attention to marshals on the route as there is a point at which the mini entrants must turn around but the maxi guys keep going – we had some athletes run a few extra kays last year.
Things to remember:    Pack your sunscreen and apply it before the race!                                                                                                 Bring some cash so after the race you can buy a coke/roll/ice cream etc                                                Hydrate well the day before the race                                                Make sure your bike kit is prepared for a puncture i.e. spare tube, tire levers etc

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