Block 1 and 4 weeks down for the Embark 70.3 Triathletes…

So the first month is down. That means Block 1 is half way through. We have covered a lot in the 4 weeks. Our first tri is in 5 weeks time at the Fitness Festival in Clanwilliam. We have had the information evening with the Gu Energy guys, thanks Rohan! Rohan covered all the products that Gu has to help power the athletes through training and racing. We also completed a Beep Test with the triathletes. This beep test is similar to a shuttle run test, and is a good indicator of fitness. We will repeat this test in 4 weeks and see the improvement.

On the weekend we had the orientation for the beginner swimmers into the canals. (The intermediate guys have been swimming there for 4 weeks already). We hope to have them all confident in the open water over the next few weeks. This weekend we head to Clifton 4th for the 1st Sunday of the month 1 mile swim, this will be the first sea swim of the program and the weather at this stage looks great. We also did a tyre/tube changing workshop over the weekend. So now hopefully the athletes are able to fix any flat tyre problems that they might get during racing and training.

This next block continues with the progression and we start to push the distances up to 100km on the bike by the end of the next 4 weeks. The run we are aiming up to the half marathon mark, but this is a slow progression to prevent injury. Swimming we are getting completely confident in the open water and this is the goal over the next 4 weeks.

Well done to all the athletes over the last 4 weeks good luck for the next 4!!

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