Ester’s week of training…

With the brick sessions in full swing I was quite stoked to complete my first swim session (300m,600m) in our double brick run/swim/run/swim session last week, even though with the help of “Angel”, my Pull Buoy!

This week my excitement was elevated once again as we joined the ATC runners for our first track session on Tuesday. Our coach (STeve) was quite lenient (I think it was really just for us girls) saying that we can sit out one lap to catch our breaths if we have to. For me as a runner that would be admitting to defeat and a sign of weakness. Hence I tried to keep my pace constant for the first 6 x two minute repeats and then tried to catch the 3rd cone before the whistle went. I only managed to succeed on the second try and repeated this on the last lap. Awesome run!

The Bike session on Sunday morning brought new thrills as we had to go up Chapman’s Peak and back down to Suikerbossie. Still lacking some control of the bike as changing gears sometimes includes changing direction!  I cannot wait for the day when looking back does not move the handle bars with my eyes! Going up Chapman’s Peak was a long drag in the wind facing lots of other cyclists and some cars.

Going downhill I almost caused a major pile up as I misjudged passing the Tollgate boom and was forced to stop. The other cyclists behind me did not appreciate this at all and I had to face some loud shouting and ramblings of  keeping left. Going down Karen and I decided we don’t have the guts to face the Main Road traffic and opted to rather take on the known Beast of Chapman’s Peak again even though longer than Suikerbossie! The second time up felt a lot longer for me even though my Garmin reported it to be 3 minutes faster than the first lap. I do believe my Garmin as it is consistent with my perceived effort the second time up! Enjoying the thrill of the downhill was short lived as I spotted the dreaded Tollgate boom. I slowed down and looked back. Saw a few cyclists behind me and slowed down. I let all of them pass me and then mounted the little “speed bump” for cyclists left of the boom. I was over it. Another hurdle conquered! We did a slow run up Chappies and on our descend Karen asked if we could go back up for a minute. We ran for almost two minutes when she asked if time’s up. I replied with a big smile “It’s been up for a while but you were enjoying it so much I didn’t want to stop you! She smiled, said “Thanks” and we turned back down to join the group for coffee!

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  • Gill
    4 Apr 2013 | Permalink | Reply

    Esther we are so proud of you. I have never seen a happier triathlete! x

  • Darius
    8 Apr 2013 | Permalink | Reply

    Go Esther “The Iron Woman” Patience!

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