Our first sea swim… Blouberg Beach

With 3 and a half months of pool swimming training done and countless open water swims in the canals, today was the day to hit the beach! We headed out to Blouberg, Big Bay to experience the sea water there. Under the guidance of the Big Bay Life savers they guided us over a swim route that should have been just an easy sea swim. Well it was for the stronger swimmers that were ahead of what happened towards the end of the swim. A set of MASSIVE unseasonal waves came crashing and breaking about 200m off shore, just where we were swimming! It took all the lifesavers by surprise too, knocking them off their paddles and dunking, rolling, flipping everyone in the sea. It was quite scary as the waves kept crashing over us. The lifeguards quickly got things under control, paddling over and helping the Embark swimmers. Then the waves disappeared and we were able to swim to shore!

It was definitly an experience for everyone and just shows how unpredictable the ocean can be. But we all got through it and know we are able to handle the rough sea, rough seas that the half iron man could possibly throw at us on the day! Well done to everyone today! (thanks again to Radesh for the awesome pics)

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