Core, Beep Test and Gu Sampling

Its rest week, so for our group running session this week we are going to do a core session followed by a Beep Test. A beep test is a shuttle run test where the athletes run between 2 cones set 20m apart. An ever increasing beep sounds forces the athletes to run faster and faster between the cones until they cannot make the cones in time. The level they finish at can be a indicator of VO2 Max. The beep test can be performed on a monthly basis and can be a good indicator of increase in performance.

Once the core and beep was done, we had a chat with Rohan Kennedy (SA long distance triathlon champion and Gu sponsored athlete). Gu is the official nutrition sponsor of the 70.3 Half Ironman and all the Embark athletes sampled the range of products. Its essential to practice with the products that are handed out on race day, especially if you dont intend taking your own all the way!

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