40km bike time trial done! And 1st brick session…

Today the beginner triathletes completed their final time trial for Block 1. They have done a 5km run, a 1km swim and today the 40km bike. On top of the 40km tt today, the athletes did their first transition into a run straight off the bike. They worked out why its called a ‘brick session’! The answer is that your legs feel heavy like bricks when you run straight off the bike. With more practice and more brick sessions the body gets conditioned to this transition and makes for much less painful runs after the bike. Again we had a strong showing from the girls. Its going to be really exciting watching the progression over the next couple of months. We start Block 2 tomorrow, we are still in base preparation phase, just this week we increase mileage.

40kms bike time trial results:

gordon       01:23:37
adam          01:23:41
mike           01:23:43
richard       01:23:45
hiedi           01:25:54
dyanne       01:27:42
thiernan     01:28:35
trevor         01:29:45
greg n         01:30:41
allon           01:30:49
jason z        01:31:13
justin s       01:32:29
brent           01:33:01
justin i        01:34:25
ivonne        01:35:22
hannah       01:36:29
thamar       01:37:00
mieke         01:38:37
maria          01:38:39
john bert     01:40:07
albert          01:41:10
jeff               01:42:45
lauren         01:43:20
layla            01:43:43
steph           01:43:45
kurt             1:43:50
dave t         01:46:38
leonie         01:46:38
inge            01:53:33
brad h        01:54:11
sophie        01:57:10
megan        02:00:43
mellisa       02:04:58
channel de b   02:05:10
gino            02:16:41
gunthrie    02:17:09

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