1km swim TT and wetsuit trial…

Last night we had the 2nd group of swimmers completing their 1km pool time trial. The first group did theirs on Wednesday night. It was 40 lengths of the 25m pool and one of our ladies recorded the fastest swim time! Well done Steph! We also did a wetsuit trial for those swimmers that don’t have wetsuits yet. The Xterra Wetsuit guys Terry and Jason, came down to the pool and gave each athlete a wetsuit to trial in the pool. The response was incredible to the speed and buoyancy that the wet suits provide. Everyone now wanted to complete their time trial in the wetsuits, but STeve said no!

The times all round were very good, and these time trials give a good indication of which discipline needs to be given more attention. We have just one more time trial to do this week, and thats the 40km bike time trial. The weather is not looking good for tomorrow, so we might have to make it on Sunday! We will keep you posted. Good luck for the final tt and enjoy the last few days of the rest week. Block 2 starts on Monday and the work load increases!

1km time trial results:

stephanie s         15:23
jason s                 15:58
kurt                      16:32
di c                       16:53
richard                 17:25
trevor t                 17:27
brad b                  17:36
johnbert              17:45
greg n                   17:50
thamar                 17:56
darren                 18:34
mike n                18:34
guthrie               19:00
lauren                 19:24
adri                      19:26
thernin               19:28
alon b                  19:39
ryan j                  19:43
adam                   19:46
katlin                   19:46
brent                    19:52
ilan                       19:55
elrika                   20:07
marlein               20:16
lienkie                 20:37
jason z                20:38
hannah              20:45
gordon              20:48
melissa             21:00
layla                   21:00
saar                   21:15
jenny                 21:42
megan              21:42
ross r                 21:43
gino                  21:59
neil                   21:59
brad                 22:09
channel de      22:13
allan j              22:20
lucyanne         22:47
heidie              22:52
ivonne             22:52
maria              23:58
dave                24:48
sofie                27:59
leonie             27:59

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  • Bigger and Faster
    24 Aug 2012 | Permalink | Reply

    Thats hauling Ass!

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