Lecture at SPARC

Today we had our lecture with the professionals (Biokineticist, Physio, Chiropracter, Podiatrist and Dietitian)  from SPARC. The topics covered were injury prevention, injury recognition and training, nutrition periodisation.

They covered the 5 point assessment package they will be offering which includes 5×10 minute consultation with each of the following
Dietitian for Body composition
Biokineticist doing  posture core,  glute strength, hip and knee stability  (running/ cycling)
Physio doing Posture core shoulder strength and stabilisation (swimming and spinal engine )
Chiropracter looking at spine and rotation, concentrating on thoracic and cervical rotation and lumbar flexion and pelvic alignment ( Cycling and swimming)
Podiatrist posture core foot alignment leg length difference and shoes  (running/ cycling)

The end result of the assessment is a very comprehensive holistic overview of the body that will identify problems before they become issues.

If you are interested in doing this assessment please contact us by clicking on the tab on the right hand side of this page.


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