Pre race swim preparation

Running in the water

Running in the water

Our first triathlon is in 2 days time! So in preparation for the swim we practiced all the aspects to expect in the swim leg. We did fast starts and settling into a rhythm, we practiced dolphin dives and running in the water. We did the transition from vertical swimming to horizontal running and the feeling to expect when changing from discipline to discipline. We set up a mock swim start with half the Embark athletes being the rough water, (using their kick boards to create waves and splashing) and the other half trying to swim through the rough water. It was lots of fun for the ‘wave makers’ until of course it was their turn to be the swimmers!! Best of luck to all the Embark athletes at the Freshpack Fitness Festival this weekend. Just a reminder that we will all be doing the 1500m swim in the morning. The triathlon starts at 3pm.

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