Track for SPEED!

Today the Embark 70.3 athletes did their first track session. It was an orientation session to the track and the athletes had to run a minimum of 6 x 400m up to a maximum of 10 x400m (rest time was 1min30). We are lucky to get the help of ex elite triathlete Grant Fillmore to coach us through these sessions. The Embark athletes have been doing long easy running for 8 weeks now, and today we began our speed work. Track work or speed work is a almost guaranteed session to increase your speed and efficiency for running. Great results can be seen within a 6 week period of consistent running. But always remember to adhere to the rest days!

If you wanted to run a 10k in 43mins for example, that would equate to 4min 15 seconds min/km. You would have to train to run 400m’s in 1min42 and run 1000m’s in 4min 15seconds. Below is a training aid to help you convert your 10k goal time into a 40om and a 1km split for the track. Its showing you what times you need to run around the track to get to your 10k goal time.


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