Big Brick: ride 3h run 20mins

Kerry heads out for her run

Kerry heads out for her run

It had to happen sooner or later, and today it happened! Even with a late change in start time, we moved the ride from 8am to 7am, but unfortunately half way through the ride heavens opened as we got caught in the rain and wind. But well done to all the riders for sticking it out and still completing the run after the bike. Beginning of the year we had atrocious conditions for our 70.3 half ironman, so training in these conditions (although not pleasant) is still very important. We burn more energy trying to keep warm, so its important to practice the nutrition while on the bike. You must be fully fuelled before the start of the run, so all the eating should get done on the bike.

So this brings the end of the second progressive block of our training. We have our rest week now, with just 4 sessions. They comprise of our time trials for each discipline and then the Tri Boot Camp on Friday morning. Enjoy the rest week!

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  • Marion
    21 Sep 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    hey Coach – I have a question about the cut-off times for the 70.3. If we have 1h10min to complete the swim and finish it in say 40 minutes, can one then ‘add’ the surplus 30 minutes you have gained onto your time for the cycle (the cut-off there is 4h05 min, so would effectively give you an extra 30minutes to play with?

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