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“Train as hard as you like, but if you are not comfortable because of your bike set up, it is guaranteed that you will not to be racing at your best!”, says Ian Waddle (3 times world long distance triathlon representative for South Africa)

Ian is the only F.I.S.T. certified Tri Bike Fitter in Africa.

The “Fit Institute Slow Twitch” (F.I.S.T.) was created by Dan Empfield in USA who invented the first ever triathlon bike in the early 90s (‘Quintana Roo’). He developed the F.I.S.T. method of tri bike fitting after studying hundreds of professional triathletes’ bike setups. He maintains that while we cannot expect the same results as the professional triathletes, anyone can enjoy the same bike setup.

The F.I.S.T. method involves working very closely with the triathletes over two hours in a 3 step process on a “Fit Bike”. This specially designed and imported stationary Fit Bike allows you to adjust all the possible variables, thereby getting triathlete into the best possible bike position in terms of :

• Speed
• Efficiency
• Power
• Aerodynamic
• Injury prevention
• and most importantly – comfort!

Ian says: “Working within a set number of F.I.S.T. parameters and formulas, I determine the best possible angles for each triathletes knee, hip, and shoulder. In addition, saddle and armrest drop formulas are used to adjust the triathlete’s position. The triathlete then tests the position and confirms it as the most comfortable at the end of the process.”

The assessment also includes reviewing the triathletes pedal technique, cleat alignment, as well as taking any injuries, possible leg lengths and degrees of flexibility into account. And much more…all with the aim of finding that ‘sweet spot’.
The final bike fit measurements can be used 1) to adjust your existing bike as closely as possible to the measurements. Alternatively 2) he can consult the F.I.S.T. database to recommend the best possible triathlon bike to buy based on your unique measurements. He will email you the measurements – and since this is a once off process – you can keep and use these measurements whenever necessary in the future.

Please contact us for further information.

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