Our Sunday 3h ride and 15min run BRICK…DONE!

The first 3 weeks of progression culminated with our first big brick session, a 3 hour ride directly into a 15 minute run. We rode from the Camps Bay Police station towards Noordehoek for 1h30, and it was inspiring to see every athlete getting to Chapmans Peak or beyond. Those making it over the peak carried on towards Ou Kaapse Weg, the strongest riders making it to the top of Ou Kaapse with 2 minutes to spare. At 1h30 all the athletes turned around and rode back the way they had come. Conditions again were on our side, with blazing sunshine and no wind. It is stressed that every athlete rides with spare tubes, tyre levers, and a pump or ‘bomb and adapter’, and this paid dividends yesterday as 4 athletes punctured along the way. (BTW: next week after the bike time trial we are having a tube changing work shop!).

Once back at the Camps Bay Police station, the athletes transitioned into running shoes and headed off towards Bantry Bay for 7 minutes out and 8 minutes back. Lots of jelly legs scuttled off on the run, this conditioning for bike to run is very important for every athlete to become accustomed to. The more we practice the easy and faster it becomes.

As usual we finish as a group and we all chat about the good and the bad gained from the session. Lots of good this time 🙂 And then always a coffee as a reward!

So with 3 weeks of progression under our belts, we now take week 4 as a rest and recovery week. We are doing just 4 short and sharp sessions next week, its time trial time. We are also doing a wetsuit trial with Xterra wetsuits. Each athlete wanting to try a wetsuit will get their own to have a swim in. See you on Tuesday evening for our RUN 6km time trial.

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  • Inge
    21 Aug 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Shu, this was a tough one Steve 🙂 thanks for a great session!

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