Nutrition Update: Himalayan Rock Salt

One of the first important changes to make to your kitchen pantry is your choice of salt.  Normal table salt has been refined and contains merely 97.5% sodium chloride along with additives to prevent it clumping together.  Without the other essential synergistic minerals, this salt causes all the negative problems associated with excess salt intake ie hypertension, water retention as well as weight gain.

It is worth remembering that sodium is a vital mineral in the body and has an important function in maintaining the body’s alkalinity which is especially important with the acidity associated with excess exercise.  Himalayan crystal salts contain all the essential minerals in balanced proportions mirroring that of the body’s own profile.

Himalayan crystal salts will not cause water retention – the body only does this to protect itself from the harsh sodium chloride found in refined salts.  Crystal salts help to maintain the water salt balance disrupted through sweating without leading to weight gain.

The correct salt also helps to control cravings.  Salt stabilises blood sugar spikes and brings the body, as well as hunger levels back into a state of normality.

Salt also balances the body’s pH.  In fact it helps rid the body of excess carbon dioxide levels.  The functioning of the internal organs will be optimal only once the body’s pH is at its correct level.

One of the signs of insufficient sodium can be faintness, nausea, muscle cramps, fatigue and muscle spasms.  Salt restores the body’s electrolytes lost through perspiration or sweating.  Both the muscles and nerves are dependant upon the presence of key minerals ie sodium , potassium, calcium and magnesium.  Without these electrolytes, muscle weakness and cramps can occur and the kidneys have to work hard to keep the electrolyte concentrations in the blood constant.

Correct salt actually stabilises heart beat and improves blood pressure as well as breaks down cholesterol.  Salt in solution helps to digest foods and prevent tummy distention after meals.  It is also vital for sleep regulation.

To summarise:  Salt is a vital mineral needed for all body processes but it is the form of salt which makes the difference.  It is a great addition as a snack when feeling light headed, hungry and after excess sweating post exercise.

Eat as a snack with toasted sunflower, pumpkin seeds or almonds.  Or add to make an avocado and oatcakes snack.  Make sure all salt – even that when used for cooking is the correct one.

Andrea Jenkins is the Embark affiliated nutritionist, click here to find out more.

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