Our first BRICK session! Run/Swim

A brick session is essentially a double session, or a back to back session of 2 disciplines. A brick session can be any combination, and this week the Embark group did their first one. We did a run/swim combo.  (The Intermediates on Wednesday evening and the beginners on the Thursday).The run was a slightly hilly 25 minutes, followed directly by our coached swim session. We covered around 1500m in the 45 minute swim session.
We are still focussing a lot on swimming form and drills during the swims and getting used to swimming with lots of people around us. We aim to be in the open water by the beginning of October. And YES, you will be needing a wetsuit for this! Next week we are doing a wetsuit trial with Xterra Wetsuits. Each athlete will be given a wetsuit to try on and have a swim with. A triathlon wetsuit aids in buoyancy and is proven to increase your speed in the water. We highly recommend the athletres get their wetsuits as soon as possible and practice swimming in them. The suits are tight fitting and can give a constricting feeling if you are not used to swimming in it.
Boot Camp tomorrow morning! See you on the promenade at 6am.

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