Week 3 begins for 70.3 athletes

Our running session starting at Le Med in Camps BayWe started week 3, once again in amazing sunshine, with our coached running session at Le Med. We joined up with ATC Multisport for their 5 lap warm up around the field, and then completed the plyometrics. The plyometrics consist of a combination of coordinated explosive exercises mixed in with running. We always do core work as well.

Once we were done with this, the Embark athletes that have been doing the speed sessions in the past, stayed on the field to complete the ATC track session with coach Grant Filmore. We are all slowly building up towards joining the track session, but this will only be once we have done at least 6 weeks of base work. The track sessions are very important and almost fool proof to get you running faster, but with this increase in speed injury looms if you  are not conditioned.

So, our session was 40 mins of flat running. The athletes had to run out from Le Med for 20mins at a steady pace. After 20 mins they had to turn around and return to Le Med, covering the same distance but in a quicker time. The majority managed 2 or 3 mins quicker, which is a good indication of correct pacing. This pace judgement was the aim of this session.

Today is predicted to be 27 degrees, so if you plan to do your long run today, please keep hydrated and wear sun screen! See you at swimming tonight (intermediates) and tomorrow for the beginners. Its our first ‘brick’ sessions this week, run-swim today/tomorrow and bike-run on Saturday.

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